Projector Lamp Life

Tips to Extend Projector Lamp Life

RelampIt has compiled a list of preventative measures that can aide in optimal usage of your projector lamp. Several factors can lead to the premature failure of your projector lamp. These factors include installation, obstruction of intake and/or exhaust vents and the amount of usage. It is important to maintain your projection display in order to ensure the best performance of your projector lamp. Take a look at the following tips:

1. Keep projector air filters clean. Proper ventilation will prevent overheating and untimely lamp failure.

2. Do not place anything on top of the projector or in front of the intake or exhaust vents.

3. Wear gloves during lamp installation. Oil and deposits from hands and fingers can cause hot spots, which can cause lamp failure.

4. During installation, make sure the lamp housing is properly seated. Apply gentle pressure at the base of the housing to secure lamp placement.

5. Hot lamps are fragile. Shock and vibration applied to hot lamps may cause the lamp filament to break. Wait until the projector lamp has completely cooled before handling.

6. Do not unplug your projector until the lamp has cooled. Once the projector has powered down, the fan will remain on for about 5 minutes, which aides in the cooling process of the lamp.

7. Powering your projector on / off during presentations is not recommended. The inrush of power when the lamp is powered on causes stress on the lamp filament and can initiate damage.

8. Various projectors offer “low lamp” or “economy mode” options. Use this option when it is possible.

9. Inverted projectors often have shorter lamp life than those that are not inverted.

* For your convenience download a PDF of these tips for easy access and reference.

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Wow! I received the replacement, thank you. You were extremely fast and the bulb has a brighter picture than the original. Excellent service, and you sent me a return label which I’m going to send the other lamp back to you to be relamped saving me on shipping also. I’m gonna tell everyone. Thank you again.

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