Projector Lamp Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: How to Extend Projector Lamp Life?

2) Q: What is Relamping?
A: Relamping is essentially re-newing a projector lamp.  When a projector lamp reaches the end of its life, RelampIt can replace the bulb on the inside with a new one.  The old bulb is recycled.  The original housing is re-used, ensuring that the lamp is the exact fit for the projector.  By relamping a projector lamp both cost and waste is reduced.

3) Q: How much does it cost to relamp my projector lamp?

A: It depends upon the make and model of your lamp and ranges from around $75 for some common Epson lamps and as high as $900 for high end Digital Projection or Barco lamps (or even higher for Xenon projector lamps, which are quoted on a case by case basis.). To get an exact price quote for your lamp, or to request reseller pricing, please contact us. Return shipping via UPS Ground is FREE in the continental US.

4) Q: Is the price the same if I buy it out of your stock?

A: The price is the same; however, we ask that you send your lamp back to us when it is replaced so that we can recycle it, at no cost to you. Not a necessity, just a request!

5) Q: What types/ models of projector lamps can be serviced?

A: There are too many to list! We refurbish projector lamps that use UHP type (both AC and DC) burners. The majority of projectors manufactured for home theater and business use today use a UHP type burner. About 90% of the lamps we receive can be serviced- just call us, e-mail us or send the lamp in to make sure it can be relamped.

6) Q: How long is a relamped projector lamp covered under the RelampIt warranty?

A: All relamped (refurbished) projector lamps are covered for 90 days. Our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction. If there is a problem, or if you are not satisfied, please call or e-mail us for a return merchandise authorization number. We cannot accept returns without this authorization number. You will never encounter a hassle when trying to return or exchange an item. RelampIt offers special warranties for educational institutions and Houses of Worship. Please contact us for more information.

7) Q: Should I expect performance from a relamped projector lamp to be comparable to that of a new projector lamp?

A: Since we replace the burner with a brand new one, you can expect comparable performance, output and lifetime. For ideas to extend the life of your projector lamp, please see our tips page.

8) Q: What if I don’t have an old lamp cage to send in for service?

A: RelampIt has compiled a sizeable inventory of refurbished projector lamps. You don’t have to send in your old lamp cage to purchase a replacement. Just call or e-mail us to confirm that we have your replacement projector lamp model in stock.

9) Q: I have projector lamps from projectors we no longer use. Should I throw them out?

A: You should not throw away old projector lamps! They contain mercury, a toxic metal, and must be properly disposed of or recycled. RelampIt has initiated a projector lamp recycling program. Just send in your old projector lamps, and we will recycle them, free of charge. We have also set up a special projector lamp recycling program for educational and government institutions. Please see our EDU/GOV recycling page for more information, or e-mail us. Remember, federal and local governments require proper disposal and/or recycling of any item that contains mercury. RelampIt will recycle your projector lamp for free!

10) Q: How do I get my projector bulb relamped?

A: It’s simple!  Print out our ReLamping order form.  Fill it out.  Place it in the box with the projector lamp(s) you want relamped and ship it to us at 120 Wilbur Place, Ste. C, Bohemia, NY 11716.  We will take it from there.

11) Q: Do you relamp Xenon projectors?

A: We can relamp some Xenon projectors. Please call or email us for more information.

12) Q: My bulb exploded, can I still have it relamped?

A: In most cases- yes! Projector lamps that have exploded (blown) can usually be relamped.

Thanks very much for all your help & good business. Since we been using RelampIt, I’ve been very happy with the fair pricing & fast turnaround. It’s nice to also find that they stand behind the work. (As I do with my company) Thanks again.

Chip Sweda, Chips Unlimited, Sayville, NY

Wow! I received the replacement, thank you. You were extremely fast and the bulb has a brighter picture than the original. Excellent service, and you sent me a return label which I’m going to send the other lamp back to you to be relamped saving me on shipping also. I’m gonna tell everyone. Thank you again.

I am glad that I used RelampIt for this job. The staff was very knowledgeable… and kept me informed of the status. The projector picture looks great and I can’t wait to refer my friends when they need to replace their projector lamps

Thank you for all your help through these years with your products!