Panasonic Projector Lamp Replacement

Panasonic Projector Lamp Replacement

There are many replaceable parts available for projectors, including the projector lamps or light bulbs/bulbs. Depending on the projector’s model, the life of the lamp typically lasts 1,000 to 2,000 hours. If you are using a Panasonic projector you should invest in a quality Panasonic projection lamp.

The projector lamp technologies are available with different wattages. It is important to buy the right match for the projector light bulb that you want to replace. Getting a Panasonic replacement projector lamp for your Panasonic projector will not only enhance its life, but also your viewing pleasure.

More about Projector Bulb Replacement
When it comes to replacing a projector bulb, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that it’s done properly and at the correct time in order to avoid injury to self or damage to the projector.

There are times that the bulb on your projector needs changing because it might not work after it’s switched on. A number of environmental factors could also shorten the life of your Panasonic DLP lamp as the bulbs are very delicate. These include factors such as the filter not being cleaned, the bulb cooling before the projector is moved or storing the lamp in a warm or cold place.

It is important to mention the lamp life must not exceed over 20 percent. For this reason, look for the best projector bulb price when shopping to ensure that you always have replacements on hand to change your lamp at the right time.
The life of a Panasonic TV lamp or bulb, just like all models, can be affected adversely by just a sharp knock or if it’s left just for a short time in an extreme temperature.

Changing a Projector Bulb
One of the most important things is to use only genuine and correct model replacement projector lamps. Never use a lamp or bulb that is made for another model or brand, such as using a Sony in a Panasonic projector.
You should also ensure that the old bulb is cooled sufficiently before starting the projector bulb replacement to avoid an explosion. As a general rule of thumb the bulb must cool for about thirty minutes.

The projector must be unplugged and the lamp cover removed. Remove the old lamp and the lamp module. Reverse this process when installing your replacement bulb, then switch on the power and do a quick check to see if the new lamp is working. Be sure to consult the user’s manual for your projector lamp to get more information on the replacement process. Please note that the lamp must always be treated as a hazardous waste and it needs to disposed of accordingly.

Do your research today to find affordable projector bulb for your projector, especially if you are using it on a regular basis.

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