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What is Relamping?

Relamping is essentially re-newing a projector lamp. When a projector lamp reaches the end of its life, RelampIt will replace the bulb with a new OEM bulb and provide a 90-day warranty. The spent lamp is recycled. The original housing is re-used, ensuring that the lamp is the exact fit for the projector. By relamping a projector lamp, both cost and waste is reduced so relamping is basically the replacement of a non-functional or ineffective projector lamp with a new, more efficient lamp.

Relamping Process and Benefits

Our relamping process offers our clients an alternative to purchasing costly new replacement projector lamps - our objective is to reduce waste and reduce cost! Relamping can save you a substantial amount over manufacturer replacement. Making certain that our product is supported at the end of its life-cycle and in an effort to support and enhance our clients' environmentally responsible initiatives, RelampIt also offers projector lamp recycling services, free of charge. This service is available to anyone who would like to recycle his/her projector lamps in accordance with federal and state requirements.

Customer Benefits

  • Substantial savings over manufacturer replacement costs
  • In every aspect of our business we strive to maintain superior customer service and quality lamps that will meet and exceed your expectations.
  • All RelampIt lamps are built with the highest quality components and workmanship ensuring performance equal to factory originals

The RelampIt Advantage

Here is an illustration of what RelampIt can do for you!



Factory Lamp








Relamping Warranty

Re-using the housing and inserting OEM bulbs helps reduce waste while maintaining "like new" performance of your lamp. All relamped projector lamps are covered for 90 days from date of installation. Our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction. You will never encounter a hassle when trying to return or exchange an item.